Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Wrong With Me?

I'm not talking medically. Everything seems to be fine(though I am seeing a liver specialist for yet undiagnosed liver "problem", but the specialist seems unconcerned as nothing point to anything being serious, but I'll be monitored for the forseeable future.)

What I'm talking about is some of my habits and interests. Like watching hockey. I just finished watching the Blackhawks end their Stanley Cup drought. I've actually been watching most of the playoff games and actually enjoying the games regardless who's playing. I'm just enjoying the game itself. Now I'm not really a sports watching kind of guy, aside from the World Cup & Euro Cup, where again I generally enjoy the game itself. Even my wife's remarked on my sudden interest/enjoyment of watching NHL hockey. I don't know what it is, but it is a change in my personality, whereas before I couldn't care less who won or was playing.

The next change is my alcohol consumption. Now relax, my liver issues have nothing to do with this, as I checked with the specialist. I've gone from someone who almost never really drank, to a regular casual drinker. I really enjoy a glass of wine every so often. Also I LOVE me a good Port. But the real kicker is my beer consumption. In my 20's I didn't really enjoy beer but lately, I'm really enjoying having a beer every so often. Now when you average my overall annual alcohol consumption, it still would fall within an average of 1-2 drinks a week, so I'm not becoming an alcoholic. I just find it odd that now in my mid 30's, I've acquired this taste for a good alcoholic beverage. Again, my wife jokes it's my becoming a father that has driven me to drink but I think the real test is when my daughter becomes a teen. Then maybe I'll start downing it to deal with the stress!

This aging thing is getting weird! ;-)