Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thriller-Like You've Never Heard It!

Keep in mind every sound and sound effect you hear is coming from this guys mouth, just layered over top of each other, with each mini video showing him making that sound. Absolutely incredible! How long did it take for him to do this?

François Macré - Thriller (reprise A'cappella 64 pistes)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Something On My Mind

The title of this post, if you know your Canadian/Hamilton music, is a reference to a Teenage Head song of the same name. Sadly, October 15, Francis Hannah Kerr aka Frankie Venom, lead singer of Teenage Head, died of throat cancer. I've always been a Teenage Head fan, but only got to see them live once this past year at the Cashbah. It was an amazing punk rock show. Another Hamilton music legend gone. R.I.P. Frankie.

On a happier note, on the same day, my new niece was born. Katie Pauline Yurcich. Another crazy Yurcich kid to entertain us!

Saw Alice Cooper last week, and what a great show that was. Again, I've always been a fan and that was the first time I've seen him live. Vaudeville meets a horror show. The band rocked hard and the performance routines were cool, especially when Alice gets hung on stage. All the requisite classics were played(Eighteen, School's Out, etc.) as well songs from his new album, Along Came A Spider(excellent CD).

Next week, it's another rock legend show, The Who!! Can't wait.