Monday, July 07, 2008

Sophie Update & Rogers Doesn't Want My(& Apparently A Lot Of Other Peoples)Money

Well, it's been just over a week now since Sophie joined us, and we're getting used to middle of the night feedings. We've had to move to formula since my wife wasn't producing enough breast milk to keep our little hungry girl content. Three visits to the breastfeeding clinic at the hospital were of no help. The last two were with a patronizing "lactation consultant". She pretty much repeated everything the first nurse showed us(who was actually very helpful) and talked to us like we were stupid. Now the majority of the "lactation consultants" at the clinic are so pro breast feeding, they don't like to talk about the F-word, you know formula! But sometimes mommy just doesn't make enough milk. This idiot even suggested maybe my wife take some prescription medication to stimulate milk production or maybe some herbs. When we balked at both, she asked if my wife was a nurse, slightly annoyed that we'd question her "consulting". We told her we are informed people who question the idea of a pill for everything or unregulated use of herbal supplements which can be quite dangerous. I even brought up the fact that marijuana is natural so why do people get worked up about it. She didn't like that comment much. Now we are not against breast milk, but Sophie is hungry and needs to put on weight so we have been feeding her formula, and she is now more content. It's the logic about these pro breast feeding idiots I don't get; take a drug so you can make more milk, so you don't need to formula feed. Huh?? My sisters and I along with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have been formula fed, and we seem to be ok. But you'd rather drug up mom to avoid formula? Sounds like someone needs to justify their job.

Moving on. As some of you may know, I've been pining(some would say lusting) after the iPhone since it came out last year in the U.S. I'm a 100% Mac and iPod user, so the idea of having my cell phone and iPod as one device, plus the bonus of email and web surfing is like manna from heaven. I (along with many other people out there) were willing to pay the premium in monthly service for such a kick ass phone...until Rogers, the only carrier in Canada that can carry the iPhone released their rates. Rip off would be kind, more like a raping of potential customers. Now keep in mind the iPhone can do full web surfing, not the crappy mobile kind like on other cell phones. Rogers cheapest plan is $60/mth for which you get 150 daytime minutes, unlimited evening/weekend minutes(staring at 9PM , which by my watch is night time, not evening) and the kicker, 400mb of data! even the top plan limits you to 2GB/mth. By way of comparison, on the U.S, for $70/mth you get 450 anytime minutes and unlimited data. Oh, and for all the Rogers plans, caller ID is an OPTION!! Potential Canadian iPhone customers are livid! A petition was started at, and at last count has hit about 43,000. (Link also on the left side of my blog under Check These Sites Out) Rogers has even hired an outside PR firm to help soften the blowback their getting from the net and non-Rogers owned media.

Well I renewed my Bell Mobility contract for another 3 years, keeping my great discount rate, and got a Motorola Krzr K1m instead. So it looks like I'll still have to carry around 2 things, that being my cell phone and my iPod for the next 3 years. Rogers loss. Hopefully by that time, Apple will be on the 4th or 5th generation iPhone, so it will be even better, and better data rates for it will exist.

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