Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sex Abuse By Clergy-Catholic Bishop Says "Get Over It!"

How can anyone defend a church that allows these sadistic idiots to hold any power in their church. As quoted in this article that they keep "crankily dwelling on old wounds" with regards to the Catholic churches handling of child sexual abuse cases. Keep in mind this is the Bishop has been accused of holding up compensation claims by victims. Old wounds? This despicable excuse of a life just doesn't seem to understand the destruction that childhood sexual abuse causes. These wounds are never, NEVER, old. The loss of innocence, the abuse of trust and authority, the fact that for the rest of their lives, these victims have had the beauty and joy of sex being permanently perverted. After the actual abusers, these defenders should also die slow horrible painful deaths.

Having said this, my wife wants to have our daughter baptized, which doesn't really thrill me. The reason is so she can attend catholic school, which in this area, are better curriculum wise (save for the religious classes) than the public board. But we are in agreement that I will not mince words with my daughter about how I view the world, religion and the Catholic church especially. My daughter, will be one huge pain in the ass in religion class, because she will be taught to always ask questions and demand truthful answers, even if it's simply "I don't know", instead of bullshit like "god did it".

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Anonymous said...

Steve is proud to have a sister in law that gets the notion of "baptizing with a purpose" LOL
In any case, you know I am a person of spiritual faith but I do share some of your opinions such as constantly questioning religious matters. It's like NBC - "the more you know" ;)