Thursday, June 26, 2008

Introducing... beautiful (I don't think I'm biased ;) )baby girl Sophie Justina Moniz, born June 26, 2008 at 4:14PM, weighing in at 7lbs2oz. Here are a selection of photos and a video for your enjoyment. I think I'm in love



Anonymous said...

Wow...I have never heard Mike be soo mushy...I think we finally found his weakness....his new baby girl....and she looks a lot like ANNA!! cute!
By the way see how she stuck her touge out a little bit at you....thats just bc shes half a moniz girl and you know how fiesty they can be:P

Can't wait to meet my new niece!

Anonymous said...

Oops that supposed to say tongue…..had to correct myself bc otherwise you would never let me live that down…being a University English major and not being able to spell

Oh and I also don’t really know how to use this thing since I am not a blogger so I couldn’t write my name…but you know who it is anyways.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
You are right, she IS beautiful! Can't wait to meet her!

Your Caledonia Friends!

Anonymous said...

She's friggen adorable!! I see so much of Mommy's beautiful face and from the side she's got some Daddy to her too! Congrats you guys - I cannot wait to meet my niece tomorrow!!!!!
P.S. Diaper changes don't scare me! Always willing to lend a hand ;o)

Luv D

Dinatos said...

Congratulations guys! She is absolutely beautiful! I see both of you in her, but mostly Anna! All the best! Love Sandra,Louie,Alex and Sierra Dinato