Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Much To Love!

A great Discovery Channel promo video about how big, different, crazy, scary, and just down right amazing our planet is. I couldn't agree more!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Down To Crunch Time

Just over a month now before, the fruit of my and my wife's loins arrive to throw our world upside a good way, of course, we hope!! Everyone keeps telling us,"get your sleep while you can.", which is incredibly reassuring.

Well the baby's room is pretty much completed with the laying down of the hardwood in there as well as the other bedroom, so we now have hardwood throughout the house(minus the basement). Thanks to my good friend Fern for all his hard work and a long day to finish it all in one shot. What a difference it makes now in those rooms. Aside from the fact that they will be much easier to keep clean, it makes the room feel larger. We're not big fans of carpet(aside from the high quality Berber we have in the basement aka my Cave), but the crap the builder installs is just plain bad. Also thanks to my Brother-in-Law, Frank for the excellent paint job. I can't paint worth a damn, as my wife constantly points out(okay, I can prime, and trim is easy enough, but give me a wall, and I will screw it up). Now we await the baby's furniture and of course, baby and the room will be set. Now about getting some sleep...zzzzz