Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour...What A Joke!!

That's right a stupid feel good gesture that in the end amounts to nothing!! Personally, if I'm home on Saturday March 29, 2008 at 8PM,(the wife and I will be out most of the day and into the evening) I'm lighting up the house like a Christmas tree!! Every light will be on in protest. Why? Because I try and save energy every damn day and for everyone else who really make no effort, and figure one stupid hour off lights out will show the world they care, they are deluding themselves!! Do they drive a minivan or SUV where a normal sedan or compact would suffice? Did they pay extra to have more efficient natural gas lines for a natural gas stove and natural gas dryer installed? Did they send the extra cash on a front loading washer that uses at least 25% less water than a top load? Do they wash in cold water as much as possible? Do they have and USE a programmable thermostat? Do they set their computer monitors to shut off when not in use(the biggest power sucker of the computer) instead of a screen saver?

Am I being cynical? Damn right I am! I'm no tree hugger environmentalist. I use what I need when I need, and don't feel guilty about it, whether it's when I fill my gas tank, or turn on another light. What I try to do is not use more than I really need. It's got nothing to do with being an environmentalist, it's got everything to do with being efficient and not being wasteful. Hell, my dad has been an environmentalist all his life then by their definition!! How? He grew up poor so, not wasting has been part of his life and now part of mine.

Yeah I live in the suburbs, but I try to run and efficient house. Yeah drive a nice sporty car, a turbocharged 4 cylinder, that I find gives me the same performance and fun to drive of a bigger engine. I don't apologize for it. And neither should you if you normally try and save energy as part of your daily routine. Earth Hour is just important to those who normally don't.

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