Monday, July 02, 2007

The iPhone Is Finally Here...Sort of.

Well the iPhone is finally available, but only for our American friends. We will have to wait here in Canada, rumor says closer to the end of the year through Rogers, since they are the only GSM provider in Canada. While I have no need for a "smartphone"(though my sister's boyfriend's Blackberry Pearl is really cool...he works for RIM)I want one of these. Based on the reviews that are out there, the user experience is phenomenal. The touch screen interface looks like it's light years ahead of everything else. I have to wait now until September 2008 before my Bell Mobility contract is up. (they get no link cause they pissed me off, as you might remember from this post). By that time they might be on the second generation .

Main point is that the iPhone is important for every cell phone user whether you want one or not. This thing has the potential to change the way cell phones are made and the way carriers behave. While I'm admittedly an Apple fanboy, several people have mentioned the reason the phone has gotten so much press and attention is because by and large, most people just tolerate their cell phones, no one really loves them. The iPhone is a phone you can love, like your MP3 player, or a cool laptop. Now I'm counting down until next September!

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