Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...Now On To The Next One!!

My run with my 94 Si is just about over. I got the diagnosis last Friday. I'd been noticing that the car was running hotter than normal lately. My drive clean was also due. Well it turns out my head gasket is going, which means I'm slowly eating coolant. They tried to make it pass but no dice. Best of all it's going to cost me $1400 TO START to fix it(likely more by the time it's all over). The car's worth maybe $2500 with the mileage it has, and even with my mods. Add this repair and I'd be lucky if someone would pay $1500 on the open market, considering they would have to put in another $1500 just to get it on the road legally. Well my buddy at Honda is giving me $1000 for it since he has a 93 hatch Si. He's going to swap his much lower mileage engine and A/C(mine died last year as well) into my car since my car already has the performance exhaust and only one area of rust compared to his car. Being that he works at Honda he can do this for a lot less than I could.

Now for the good news. I'M GETTING A GTI!!!!!! 2007 in United Gray, 5dr w/DSG automatic, 18" wheels and sunroof. I took a manual one out for a test drive and this car is amazing. I'm getting the automatic so the wife can drive it if need be(rarely lol) plus I'm getting old and lazy. Seriously, it's got paddle shifting and a manual mode so I can control the gearing. It's a lease to start, and if it's not a lemon, I'll buy it out at the end. Can't wait to start enjoying "My Fast"!!!

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