Friday, July 27, 2007

Here It Is!!

Here is "My Fast" in all it's digital photo glory. The windows are now tinted, and boy does it look nice. The color is United Gray, and yes, that's 225/40 18" rubber. I'll post some better pics later on once I've had a chance to wash it. Now for the sub upgrade...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's Here!!

I picked up my GTI Friday afternoon. This car is a blast to drive! I gotta be careful though as I need to break it in. The pick-up off the line is fantastic, with all 207lbs/ft available @1800rpm. The initial fit and finish is pretty good too. The car feels solid from the doors closing, to road feel. Best part; it has an aux jack for my iPod!! It's in the glove box, but I found a way(without any drilling) to route the wire into my centre console. The factory stereo is decent, but lacks real low end for my taste. I may add a sub/amp to the factory set-up in the future. All in all, a great fun and practical car. I will post pictures soon, as I am getting the windows tinted on Wednesday. "Be one with your Fast"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...Now On To The Next One!!

My run with my 94 Si is just about over. I got the diagnosis last Friday. I'd been noticing that the car was running hotter than normal lately. My drive clean was also due. Well it turns out my head gasket is going, which means I'm slowly eating coolant. They tried to make it pass but no dice. Best of all it's going to cost me $1400 TO START to fix it(likely more by the time it's all over). The car's worth maybe $2500 with the mileage it has, and even with my mods. Add this repair and I'd be lucky if someone would pay $1500 on the open market, considering they would have to put in another $1500 just to get it on the road legally. Well my buddy at Honda is giving me $1000 for it since he has a 93 hatch Si. He's going to swap his much lower mileage engine and A/C(mine died last year as well) into my car since my car already has the performance exhaust and only one area of rust compared to his car. Being that he works at Honda he can do this for a lot less than I could.

Now for the good news. I'M GETTING A GTI!!!!!! 2007 in United Gray, 5dr w/DSG automatic, 18" wheels and sunroof. I took a manual one out for a test drive and this car is amazing. I'm getting the automatic so the wife can drive it if need be(rarely lol) plus I'm getting old and lazy. Seriously, it's got paddle shifting and a manual mode so I can control the gearing. It's a lease to start, and if it's not a lemon, I'll buy it out at the end. Can't wait to start enjoying "My Fast"!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ain't It The Truth!!!

What men and women really mean!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

The iPhone Is Finally Here...Sort of.

Well the iPhone is finally available, but only for our American friends. We will have to wait here in Canada, rumor says closer to the end of the year through Rogers, since they are the only GSM provider in Canada. While I have no need for a "smartphone"(though my sister's boyfriend's Blackberry Pearl is really cool...he works for RIM)I want one of these. Based on the reviews that are out there, the user experience is phenomenal. The touch screen interface looks like it's light years ahead of everything else. I have to wait now until September 2008 before my Bell Mobility contract is up. (they get no link cause they pissed me off, as you might remember from this post). By that time they might be on the second generation .

Main point is that the iPhone is important for every cell phone user whether you want one or not. This thing has the potential to change the way cell phones are made and the way carriers behave. While I'm admittedly an Apple fanboy, several people have mentioned the reason the phone has gotten so much press and attention is because by and large, most people just tolerate their cell phones, no one really loves them. The iPhone is a phone you can love, like your MP3 player, or a cool laptop. Now I'm counting down until next September!