Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why Cell Phone Service Providers Are Like Political Parties

I've come to the conclusion that cell phone service providers are just like political parties; no matter who you go with, they will screw you in the end! Having dealt with Bell Mobility to today has led me to this conclusion.

A month ago I went into a Bell Mobility(screw them, I'm not linking) store to see when I could possibly upgrade my cell phone since mine is starting to crap out. Now I still have just over a year to go on my 36 month contract. I was told then that as of June 9 I could get $100 off the regular price of any phone. So I walk into the Bell Mobility store to get a newer phone and guess what, now it's only $50 and I'd have to wait until September! Pissed off, and at the insistence of the clerk who actually helpful, I called Bell Mobility directly and let it rip(being mindful and telling the person at the other end, this wasn't directed at them personally, but at the crappy customer relations, as a company they were providing. Hey, I worked a call centre job for a year, so I understand). Bell Mobility being the only cell carrier I have ever used and with for the last 11 years, I asked that something be done, otherwise I'm walking when my term is up, thanks now to number portability. After being on hold for 5 minutes, I was told that as a one time exception, I would get my $100 off the regular price of any phone...AS LONG AS I RENEWED FOR ANOTHER 3 YEARS!!!! So let me see. If I was a new customer, I would get a new phone at a deeply discounted rate for 3 years, but because I'm upgrading for another 3 years as a long time customer, I get $100 of the regular price? KISS MY ASS!!! Hopefully my phone will get by until next year, and then I walking to Rogers. Yeah, I've heard they're crap to, but at least they'll have the iPhone by then hopefully, which I may consider, and my wife and I could have a couple plan. I think it's time, just like in politics, I give someone else a chance to screw me.

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