Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Soprano's Bow Out

Honestly I don't really get all the fuss about the last show. I thought it was great! It wasn't cliched which to me would have sucked. If he was redeemed and "saw the light", that would have been bull, which the show really wasn't about. If he'd been "whacked" it would have been to obvious. Like one of A.J.'s last lines, "remember the good times". The "shock" to black(no fade to black) was stark and obviously effective based on all the complaining on the net. Hell, Phil's getting run over was worth the price of admission alone!

Bravo David Chase, for giving us a show that really pulled no punches with it's characters. If it wasn't for The Soprano's, a show like House would never have existed. Now to back and watch all it over from the beginning. Thank goodness for DVD!!

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