Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wow, I've Been Lazy!!!

I haven't posted in ages. Just pure laziness, I'll admit. I've passed my night class mid-term in the mean time and I'm planning to take the next course on internet programming, which scares me since I have no coding experience at all. The closest I've come is cut and pasting with HTML code but not actual manual coding, so who knows. It's going to be two nights a week so it will be coming fast and hard. Hopefully it all sticks.

I also picked up a external hard drive finally to back up my computer. Considering how much music and pictures I have with out a proper back up, I was playing with fire. Nowadays, your gambling if you don't have a second copy of your important computer data, because it's not a matter of if your hard drive fails, but when. A Western Digital 500GB My Book with Firewire(very important to me since most now just have USB) and USB for $250 at Costco is a steal, so no excuse to be safe than sorry.

I'll try be more regular in my posting. To all you married men I'll leave you this...

Thankfully I don't need a subscription...I think. Cheers!

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Diane said...

I didn't realize there was a demand for you to keep blogging! In the words of a great t-shirt I really should have bought..... "Nobody Cares About Your Blog!!!!!!!!!"
JK, afterall, I'm reading it aren't I? ;o)