Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day 2007

What a day! We got pounded with a snow storm as you can see. One hell of a workout though shoveling it all. The snow bank I built as I shoveled are now 5 feet high(as tall as Anna!)! Great trenches for snowball fights!

Well my beautiful wife got me an iPod shuffle to add to my iPod collection(at this point that's what it is! If women can have multiple purses and shoes to suit the occasion and purpose, why can't I have that with iPods?). She even had it engraved as you can see. Yes, I'm a very lucky man. I got her a lovely ring with her birthstone(topaz) but it was half a size to big so I'm exchanging it but now she would like another style(she picked this one out initially but now found another one she likes better). Well now it's ordered and she's keeping this one...she thinks...yeah...maybe... She's very decisive isn't she! And she wonders why I find it difficult to shop for her!?! Good thing she's sexy and smart!

To end off, here's a funny video I found of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs if they were to duke it out. "iPhone bitch!!"

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