Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bill, Now Your Just Making Shit Up!!!

I believe in healthy competition in the market place. That's how you and I, the consumer win and end up getting the best product for the best price. So it's with that in mind I'm going to talk about Bill Gates and this interview he had with Newsweek about the release of Windows Vista. Now I'm not going to knock Vista completely. It looks real slick and has a lot of cool features and functionality. Having said that, here's a reality check about some of his claims in the article.

He claims Vista is the first operating system to have parental controls. First for Microsoft but not the first OS, since Apple's OS X has had parental controls for a couple years now. He then goes on to claim that everyday,EVERYDAY, there is a new exploit to completely
take over OS X. HUH?? If there is, no one in the tech community on BOTH sides has found it. And the ONE that was, required the user to accept something and allow it to happen(you know, clicking on things your not sure about). He then dares anyone to find that sort of exploit for Windows. Where has he been, under a rock? If you leave a Windows system on a network unprotected, without the user doing A SINGLE THING, that computer can be completely taken over as a bot computer(ie. a computer that will act like a zombie to forward spam and mass blitz websites).

Like I said competition is a good thing, but outright lying and mis-labeling your competition is just sad and pathetic. What ya scared of Bill, that people may be finally waking up to the fact that for the average home user, a Mac makes more sense. Windows machine serve their purpose, no doubt, but like I tell anyone who asks, get a Mac for home if you want a computer to manage your music, pictures and home movies. You will pay a little more than a PC but you will get a hell of a lot more useful applications right out of the box and a more pleasant user experience.

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