Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well 2007 has arrived and 2006 has been regulated to the dust bin. Thankfully. It was not a good year overall with the death of my father in law, but we, as many others who have lost loved ones must and will persevere.

We rang in the New Year by going out to dinner with both our mothers (great steak!) and then watching the Beverly Hills Cop Marathon on Bravo. Man are we a bunch of party animals or what! My mother in law and my wife were both half asleep when the big moment arrived. Personally now that I'm a little older I prefer my New Years celebrations to be more low key. It's just a number anyway. Do you get excited when the odometer in your car rolls over? I know I don't so what's another year? Hope as always the new year is better than the last.


Anonymous said...

Awesome analagy on the odometer, showed Sarah that one, and according to her I turned you that way. Tony

Moniz said...

Tell Sarah, I've gotten that way on my own so your off the hook. Luckily Anna felt the same way this year. Maybe we'll just get together at someone's house for a low key family get together next year. Loud parties just don't do it for me anymore.