Friday, July 07, 2006

There's Always Euro 2008!!

Well what can be said? Portugal eliminated by Les Bleus. I probably would not mind if we lost by a good goal or after full-time, extra time and then by penalty kicks. But to lose because of Patrick Henry's dive in the box is just a damn shame. No matter how many times you look at the replay, there is no real foul there. Now Portugal did miss some great opportunities, and France was very effective at shutting down Portugal's offence so they did earn their way to the final in that respect, but that penalty will always piss me off. FIFA has got to crack down on all the diving from everyone!!! Portugal included!! Lets hope Sunday's final is not decided by a dive. Now let's see if we can secure third place and embarrass the Germans at home like Greece embarrassed us in Euro 2004!!

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