Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanon And Stephen Harper "Really Helping"

So Stephen Harper emptied out his Canadian Forces jet to aid in the evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon. Goodbye media and most of his staff to make room for evacuees. But wait! His communication staff and official photographer didn't stay behind. What an opportunist! "Look at me helping these Canadians evacuate. I'm such a good Prime Minister. Never mind I could have evacuated a few more people if I had given my communication staff and photographer seats up as well. We need them to record this great moment on film and then to pass it along to the Canadian people" BULLSHIT!! This is nothing more than a personal photo-op!! At least some good is coming out of it but it make the original good intention now seem so contrived. Way to go Harper. Too bad some building Toronto wasn't attacked so you can go and throw your arm around a rescue worker and tell them how "the people who did this are going to hear us". Wait that already happened to your buddy W. Worked for him.

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