Sunday, July 09, 2006

Another World Cup Is Over!!

And I wish I could congratulate the Italians...but I CAN"T!!!! Sorry, no offence to my Italian friends but I just can't do it!!!

Yes Portugal finished fourth and it hurts a little but to keep it in perspective, the players go back to being millionaires and we go back to work. So my sadness is fleeting. Also it's so sad to see Zidane leave the international stage the way he did. I've always respected him and his playing. They guy was amazing but that head but was very unsportsman like. I got to wonder what the Italian said to provoke him because these players hear a lot of trash talk while playing to throw them off. You figure Zidane would be used to it. Having said that, if it was something about his wife, children, or parents, it's tough to keep your cool with stuff like that. And after watching his usual playing style, maybe he finally got what he deserved! And at the risk of offending (though I don't mean to) some of those Italian players aren't the most sportmens like when it comes to crucial games. I'm not going to claim Portugal is any better, but remember the Italian spitting incident?

All in all, a very entertaining tournament and we'll have to wait until Euro 2008 in Austria=Switzerland and 2010 South Africa.

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Annica said...

GO Croatia !!!!