Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup Musings, Caledonia Standoff

Well, so far aside from Germany, most of the top teams have been less than impressive. Portugal's win was a struggle and they know it. I was very impressed with Croatia and how they held Brazil back. Brazil had to sweat for that 1-0 final. The Croatians have nothing to be ashamed about that result, bravo!!
Hopefully Portugal will play better this Saturday. At least they need to make it out of the group!

Now to the native standoff. After last Friday's incidents the natives are losing any credibility real fast. If they expect us to respect their "Great Law", they should respect Canadian law. They would do well to hand over those suspects to the OPP if they want to gain some respect and credibility in their land claim. And the less said about the OPP, the better, after what transpired last Friday. My heart goes out to Caledonians.

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Annica said...

I bet we could get a house real cheap now in Caledonia !!!