Thursday, June 22, 2006

Go Big, Or Go Home!!

Well, as I write this, there is just one day, and 4 matches left to determine the final 16 of The World Cup 2006. Portugal and Brazil have guaranteed their spots, but alas, Croatia is going home after one hell of a match against Australia. It was probably the most nail biting match yet. And the cards just flew in this one!!!! Both teams were playing pretty hard so the number of yellows were expected, and both sides were reduced to just 10 due to red cards. But the frustration eventually got the better of the Croats. One of them even got in the referee's face and pulled at him. He got an instant yellow for that, which he should be thankful because that probably should have been a red!! So the Aussies advance with a tie against Croatia and Brazil solidify their first place position in the group with a 4-1 beating of Japan. It's gonna be a fun weekend!! Forca Portugal!!!!! Viva Brasil!!!

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