Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Wheels Are A Changin'

It's really starting to warm up for real this time. I think winter is finally done! I took the wife's car into Honda for an oil change on Saturday. Turns out one of my dearest friend's brother (I consider him a friend too, but just to point out how I met/know him) now works there in the sales department now, so I bugged him for a Fit test drive. I took out a black Sport model with the automatic/F1 shift paddles. The thing is a blast to drive! It feels like more than 109hp when you drive it. It throttle by wire so it's really responsive. Shifting with the F1 style paddles was interesting since you have control of the gearing like you would in a manual transmission, but it is idiot proof so the engine won't over-rev and it gears down to first when you come to a complete stop. A real fun car to drive. And don't let the size fool you. Once your inside it is a real roomy interior, not cramped at all. The stereo for me would still need to be improved with a sub and better speakers but it is plenty loud. When the wife's car is paid for I may be getting the Fit. Now which colour...

Anyway in reference to the post title I pulled the wife's winter tires off her EL and put her factory alloys back on. Her car now looks respectable again. The 1.6 EL has always had the nicest factory alloy rims to my mind, of any car. I'll probably put mine on sometime this week. Can't wait, since I love that sticky V rubber.

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