Friday, April 28, 2006

Addressing The Caledonia Native Standoff

Those of you who still read my blog(anyone still out here?) may be wondering why I haven't addressed the Native standoff in Caledonia. Considering how damn opinionated I am, aside from a letter to the editor to The Spectator, I've really held back because it is a very complicated issue. The Natives, I believe do have some sort of claim but so does the Government. It gets very confusing when you throw in century old treaties and mis-interpretation on both sides.

The main problems I see here are two-fold. One, the Natives can and should protest but their method is not going to really win them any general support which is what they really need. Holding a town hostage kind of pisses the average person off. I understand their frustration but this method can very easily blow up in there face. Two, is the in-action on both levels of Government, especially from the Federal Government! Where the hell is the Indian Affairs Minister in all this? This idiot has barely said two freaking words about the situation. What do they need to get involved, another Oka? The people of Caledonia feel like they've been abandoned by the leaders and representatives. Hopefully a peaceful resolution will come about, but the Provincial and Federal Governments better really get involved before anger and frustration on both sides boil over.

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