Saturday, April 29, 2006

Neil Young:Living With War

I'm posting a link here and in the side bar to listen to the upcoming Neil Young "metal folk protest" cd as he has called it. You can listen to the whole album for free being streamed in a dedicated player. It's a phenomanal album and raisng quite a hue and cry in the U.S. because of his criticizing of George W Bush and the war in Iraq(and maybe soon Iran?). He even has a song called "Let's Impeach The President". Here's a link to his site with clips of some of the news media response. It's pretty intense. Gotta love Neil Young. He's proof just because your getting older, who says you can't still stir sh@#$ up! Keep on the FREE world!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Addressing The Caledonia Native Standoff

Those of you who still read my blog(anyone still out here?) may be wondering why I haven't addressed the Native standoff in Caledonia. Considering how damn opinionated I am, aside from a letter to the editor to The Spectator, I've really held back because it is a very complicated issue. The Natives, I believe do have some sort of claim but so does the Government. It gets very confusing when you throw in century old treaties and mis-interpretation on both sides.

The main problems I see here are two-fold. One, the Natives can and should protest but their method is not going to really win them any general support which is what they really need. Holding a town hostage kind of pisses the average person off. I understand their frustration but this method can very easily blow up in there face. Two, is the in-action on both levels of Government, especially from the Federal Government! Where the hell is the Indian Affairs Minister in all this? This idiot has barely said two freaking words about the situation. What do they need to get involved, another Oka? The people of Caledonia feel like they've been abandoned by the leaders and representatives. Hopefully a peaceful resolution will come about, but the Provincial and Federal Governments better really get involved before anger and frustration on both sides boil over.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Song Added

I've added a new song to my artist page at It's not my usual stuff. It's an instrumental in the vein of Joe Satriani. So much so that I called it "Satriani Stlye". I'm no guitar "shredder" but I pretty impressed by my performance. You can be the judge by clicking here or the link on the side to go the the page and check it out. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Wheels Are A Changin'

It's really starting to warm up for real this time. I think winter is finally done! I took the wife's car into Honda for an oil change on Saturday. Turns out one of my dearest friend's brother (I consider him a friend too, but just to point out how I met/know him) now works there in the sales department now, so I bugged him for a Fit test drive. I took out a black Sport model with the automatic/F1 shift paddles. The thing is a blast to drive! It feels like more than 109hp when you drive it. It throttle by wire so it's really responsive. Shifting with the F1 style paddles was interesting since you have control of the gearing like you would in a manual transmission, but it is idiot proof so the engine won't over-rev and it gears down to first when you come to a complete stop. A real fun car to drive. And don't let the size fool you. Once your inside it is a real roomy interior, not cramped at all. The stereo for me would still need to be improved with a sub and better speakers but it is plenty loud. When the wife's car is paid for I may be getting the Fit. Now which colour...

Anyway in reference to the post title I pulled the wife's winter tires off her EL and put her factory alloys back on. Her car now looks respectable again. The 1.6 EL has always had the nicest factory alloy rims to my mind, of any car. I'll probably put mine on sometime this week. Can't wait, since I love that sticky V rubber.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Apple Turns 30, Honda Release's The Fit

This post may sound like an ad but these are about companies and products I own (or hope to own soon!) and enjoy.

Apple turned 30 years old April 1. Having switched just under a year ago, I can honestly say, I now understand the passion people have for Apple and particularly the Mac. It seems more than a computer. It feels like a creative outlet/tool. Yes I guess the same can be said about PC's, but show me anyone who holds a PC maker or Microsoft as close to their hearts as Mac fanatics do(I now count myself as one). Sure you can chalk it up to clever marketing, I mean after all it is just a computer. But I think it goes right back to the philosphy held by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak about how a personal computer should be, and from there the marketing followed. Using a Mac just feels intuitive for digital photos, making movies, organizing my music, and especially making music. My iMac IS my home recording studio. It just works. Sure there is the odd crash here and there(it IS a computer after all!) but a Mac crash just doesn't seem to be as devasting as a Windows crash. Anyway that's my 2 cents about Apple

Next up, Honda released the Honda Fit to North America April 1. I think it's my next car. As much as I love the Civic, the Fit makes more sense to me. It has 5 doors, 1.5L 4 cylinder engine, 109hp, 105lbs/ft of torque and just looks plain cool. Plus it's cheaper! Anyone who knows me, knows I love my Hondas. The Fit will be cheap on gas, peppy enough to feel sporty(my first Civic Si had 108hp and was about the same weight as the Fit and a blast to drive), more functional with 4 doors and a hatchback and cheaper to buy, even in the Sport model with all the goodies I want, than the Civic Si. Kudos to Honda for finally bringing this car to Canada.(It's been in Europe and Japan for the last 3 years as the Honda Jazz. The Jazz in North America is Honda's Scooter)

Anyway that is my 2 cent product endorsements. BELIEVE ME!!! I have NOT been paid for these glowing "reviews", but don't let that stop you Apple and Honda!!!;)