Monday, March 13, 2006

Not Much To Say...Again

What can I say? There really isn't much out there for me to blog about. At least nothing worth blogging. Hopefully something worthwhile comes along soon because you all out there are probably getting bored with this blog. (too late?)

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Scott Mooney said...

Hey Moniz!

I've got an idea, why not blog about why Hard Core Logo is your all time favorite book!:) Nick Craine is a good friend of mine... and I actually did a bit of pencilling for the book.

Now we've just released a book together, called Parting Ways, with writer Andrew Foley. Something tells me you'll like this book. Check out the links on my blog... for my illustration website,, or for Amazon's description. I'll be at the Paradise Comicon in toronto this spring. If you buy one directly from me, or if you visit me with your store bought copy at the Paradise Comicon in Toronto this April 28-30 I’ll draw a picture in it for you!

Scott Mooney