Sunday, March 19, 2006


I watched Crash this weekend and I can honestly say I understand why this movie won the Best Picture Oscar. This movie is powerful. Forget the Oscar hype(which I never really pay attention to anyway) and rent or buy this movie(I picked up my copy used from Blockbuster for $6.99). It takes a long and disturbing look at the racist tendancies and stereotypes we all are guilty of having. And I mean all people, including minorities own racist views of white people and other minorities. Heavy, heavy movie a must watch. This is education and entertainment.


Anonymous said...

the best part is when the guy from 16 candles fucks the chick with the forest gump contraption on her legs in the car, right in the parking garage during the day, did you get a woody, i did.

Moniz said...

Wrong movie but same name. The crash your talking about is the David Cronenberg Crash from I believe 96. This one came out last year. Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Phillippe. But you probably knew that and your just f#@*g with me