Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss. Also, Mason Messina

Stephen Harper is Prime Minister barely 24 hours, and already he is no different than all the rest. For all his raising a hue and cry over patronage apointments, and M.P's crossing the floor and switching parties out of convienience, who does he post to his cabinet? An M.P. that was elected as a Liberal during THIS election, but decided AFTER he has won his riding, to switch to the Conservatives. Kind of makes him look like an idiot after complaining about the Belinda Stronach incident. If I were in David Emerson's riding(the M.P. in question) I would be raising hell over this. Makes the voters of that riding fell like dupes! Then Harper goes and appoints someone who was not even elected, to a cabinet position. How does he get around that? Simple. he will APOINT him to the senate. The same Senate that Harper has said should be elected to avoid patronage appointments. As Matthew Good once wrote "The drug of power is stronger than good intentions"

On another topic. Mason Messina is a little boy in Hamilton, with very serious medical problems. He is diagnosed with a condition so rare, there have only been 18 reported cases in the WORLD. Because it is so rare, and the only treatments are experimental, OHIP covers nothing! They are giving him chemotherapy, but because it is not for cancer and considered experimental for his condition, OHIP will not cover the costs. Never mind the thousands in drugs as well the parents must pay. This is all in an effort to keep him alive. She is a former Stering Honda employee, which is how I came to learn about their situation, through my friend Fern who works there. As well apparently, the Messina family is ready to sell their house to help pay for Mason's care. If you would be interested in helping this family out, go and see Fern(or anyone at Sterling Honda) and purchase a raffle ticket to support this family in their fight to save their son's life. Sterling Honda is trying to raise $6000 through this raffle, to tell you the truth, I don't really care what the prizes are, I just handed over my $20 and was glad to help. Also an account has been set up at the Royal Bank to help raise money. You can go into any branch in the Hamilton area to donate. Just mention it is for Mason Messina. Keep fighting Mason!!!

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