Monday, January 09, 2006

Fun With Cars!!!

Let's see, where shall I begin? Started back to work last Wednesday, to help get things set up in the shop for when everyone else came back from Christmas break. The fact that I Could use the extra money certainly doesn't hurt! Everything is going great until Friday after work. I figure I'll stop at the mall to pick up some things before heading home. Well thank goodness I did, because I don't want to think about what could've happened, if this happened, going 120 km/h. I just crossing the intersection of Arrowhead, on Centennial Parkway, when my car dies! Begin panic attack!! I got semis coming up my ass and I dead on the road, thankfully in the right lane. I try pushing the car into the Pioneer/Tim Hortons on the corner, but it's an incline entrance. Thankfully a good samaritan, helps me push and even offers to keep pushing to help me pop the clutch. It still won't start. Now I had put in a new battery a week earlier so I know it's not dead. Panic call my bud Fern at Sterling Honda for help. I also have another good samaritan, who happens to be a diesel mechanic offer his help. Well between the both of them(Fern on the phone and the good samaritan there with me) we figure out the igintion coil is dead. No spark, no go. Did I mention it was also freaking cold and getting darker by the minute? I gotta leave my baby in the lot overnight and hope nothing happens to it. Go down the road to Image Honda, pick up the replacement and thanks to Fern's excelllent instruction, I replace the coil the next day myself and save the labour charges. Thankfully it was not as cold as the evening before. Nothing like doing automobile repair in sub zero temperatures!! Ahh the joys of owning and old car. I still love her though and she still has a lot more clicks left in her. Or at least she has to until the wife's car is paid for!


Anonymous said...

Wanna be my mechanic!!!

Moniz said...

Depends on what kind of shape your "ride" is in. LOL

Anonymous said...

ya that fern guy at sterling honda is the greatest ever! he is so smart and a hell of a good looker!