Monday, January 30, 2006

Back From Austria

I flew in Saturday afternoon. The flights weren't bad but being in a tin can for more than 4 hours in economy class is just brutal. I think if I have ever take another trans-atlantic flight, I'll upgrade to first class. Also the descent on approach to Pearson was brutal on the sinus'. The pilot must have dropped altitude faster than usual because it felt like someone was tightening my sinus' with a vise grip! I noticed I wasn't the only one because I saw a lot a people around me also wincing in pain. But the landing was one of the smoothest I've ever felt. (By the way if you are planning any international flights, get there the 3 hours early because most of those flights are leaving from the temporary infield terminal they built while they expand Terminal 1. They have to bus you across the tarmac to get you there, so your dodging planes and work trucks.)

Anyway, Austria itself was a very beautiful place, as you can see from the pictures. But I was there for business, so sightseeing was very limited. We were in the middle of Austria, about 200km from Vienna and 50km from Linz. The area where we stayed was beautiful, with the mountains in the background(since they weren't the alps, the locals refer to them as more of hills. They should see what we in Hamilton call a "mountain"!! They'd have a good laugh!). As well our training finished at 4:30pm, and pretty much everything, aside from some local pubs, closes at 5pm!! At least we were given a company car to drive ourselves around and take in some of the local sights. Also we were lucky enough to have the driver who was driving us to the airport hotel for our one night in Vienna to give us a bit of a driving tour of the city. You want beauty and history? A week isn't enough to take the city all in! I got some pics (that beige building is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed, officially ending the First World War).

But one thing. It was bloody cold!!! We got there and Europe was going through a deep freeze! I spent about an hour walking around Vienna, and then I had to head back because I was freezing!!

Well it's good to be home... in Conservative minority Canada! We'll see what the future brings!! Cheers

Friday, January 20, 2006

Off To Austria

I won't be able to post for at least a week, as I am off to Austria for training on a new machine that will be installed in our shop at work at the end of February. It should be interesting with my great (lack of) knowledge of the German language! We're flying into Vienna, which I'm told English won't be a problem, because of its' cosmopoliton nature. The real bummer for me is that I won't be here for election night. I already cast my vote at the advance polls last Satutday. Some guys enjoy watching sports, I like election coverage. More than which party will form the government, I really want to know who wins my riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. Will Tony Valeri survive, considering all the bad press he's been getting about his land deal(more than DOUBLED his money in 3 months!!). Oh well, I hope can get acces to the net over in Austria to find out. Maybe I'll even be able to post.

Anyway, it looks like we're on our way to a Conservative minority. As long as we have a decent amount of NDP memebers elected, I can live that, because they can keep them in check. It's funny watching the latest Liberal ads with Paul Martin pretty much pleading for his job. "We've made mistakes" Well d'uhhhh. Desparation never wins you an election and besides, 12 years as the governing party, they've gotten too comfortable. Let's just hope the Conservatives don't screw us any further than the Liberals!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fun With Cars!!!

Let's see, where shall I begin? Started back to work last Wednesday, to help get things set up in the shop for when everyone else came back from Christmas break. The fact that I Could use the extra money certainly doesn't hurt! Everything is going great until Friday after work. I figure I'll stop at the mall to pick up some things before heading home. Well thank goodness I did, because I don't want to think about what could've happened, if this happened, going 120 km/h. I just crossing the intersection of Arrowhead, on Centennial Parkway, when my car dies! Begin panic attack!! I got semis coming up my ass and I dead on the road, thankfully in the right lane. I try pushing the car into the Pioneer/Tim Hortons on the corner, but it's an incline entrance. Thankfully a good samaritan, helps me push and even offers to keep pushing to help me pop the clutch. It still won't start. Now I had put in a new battery a week earlier so I know it's not dead. Panic call my bud Fern at Sterling Honda for help. I also have another good samaritan, who happens to be a diesel mechanic offer his help. Well between the both of them(Fern on the phone and the good samaritan there with me) we figure out the igintion coil is dead. No spark, no go. Did I mention it was also freaking cold and getting darker by the minute? I gotta leave my baby in the lot overnight and hope nothing happens to it. Go down the road to Image Honda, pick up the replacement and thanks to Fern's excelllent instruction, I replace the coil the next day myself and save the labour charges. Thankfully it was not as cold as the evening before. Nothing like doing automobile repair in sub zero temperatures!! Ahh the joys of owning and old car. I still love her though and she still has a lot more clicks left in her. Or at least she has to until the wife's car is paid for!