Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Election Ramblings & Predictions

So the election is in full swing and I feel so underwhelmed at the choices. Tony Valeri is the M.P. in my riding so a vote for him makes strategic sense since this keeps this riding on Ottawa's radar. He also has helped bring some money to our troubled city regarding infrastucture through the GST and Gas Tax rebate programs for municipalities. But look at the Liberal party as a whole. There is not much substance there, never mind the Ad-scam scandal. But then again our economy has done relatively pretty good under their reign. Yes there are Healthcare issues and post secondary funding, but this is not just a Liberal problem. Regardless who is in power, it will always be a battle between the provinces and the federal government, unless someone wants to re-write the constitution regarding jurisdiction. Ottawa can give the provinces all the money they want and tell them to spend it on healthcare or education, but they has no legal power to make the provinces do so. It's like someone demanding you must give them money for something, but you can't tell me how to spend it. This is not to excuse the Liberals, who have cut , then re-instated healthcare money since they took over in '93, but to just highlight that this problem is beyond party politics.

The Conservatives. What can you say? The gentleman running under the Conservatives is a member of the parish we got married in, Frank Rukavina. He seems like a nice enough guy but he's with the wrong party as far as I'm concerened. I read in the Spec today how Stephen Harper understands the issues middle class families deal with since he and his wife go through the same things because he is not a shipping tycoon like Paul Martin. Is he kidding? As leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Oppostion he earns $213,500 a year. If that's middle class then I'm working poor!! He's offering nothing but carrots(but then again so are the Liberals) like the GST cut(woohoo a whole 2%) and $1200 a year for each child under 6 to help with daycare(that barely covers 2 months worth). How about some more substance than that!

Now for the NDP. Wayne Marston is the candidate for the NDP in our riding. Now philosphically they are a little more in line with my views of the world regarding social issues, but he is the President of the Hamilton and District Labour Council..read union man. That in itself isn't a problem per se, but the way unions in general behave nowadays I find it hard to support most of their beefs. Now I respect workers rights but I also see the other side of it too. A business shouldn't be hamstrung by unions and at the same time business' must respect and value their most valuable commodity...labour! Unions have brought the average worker(unionized or not) lots of benefits throughout their history, but now alot of them seem as corrupt or overbearing as the employers they fight.

Now who do I vote for? Well you already can tell from my tone it won't be Conservative. So it's down to th Liberals or NDP. I guess I'll have to wade through these next couple weeks of campaigning to decide.

Here's a prediction. Another Liberal minority, Stephen Harper will tender his resignation soon after the election and a Conservative leadership convention in March with Peter McKay as the leader, should he run. Paul Martin will resign as Prime Minister and Liberal leader within 18 months. You heard it here first!!

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Roger said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. It's just too bad that Harper is going to get elected to rape, devide and hand the pieces of this country to the US once he's done with it.