Saturday, November 26, 2005

Updates and Musings

Hello folks! A whole lotta of nothing going on so that's why I haven't updated in awhile. Just didn't want to bore everyone with a bunch of insignificant stuff, but if some of you are interested, here we go.

I had to change my private personal email this past week after getting hammered with so much spam email. (The Gmail address attached to this blog is still the same, this was my ISP email account, that those of you who know me already received an email updating the change) It was that stupid email worm that claims it's the CIA and they have found illegal stuff on my computer. I woke one morning and had 19 emails!! Thankfully since I have a Mac it wouldn't have affected me anyway,(the worm was designed for Windows and also would not have affected Linux machines) but I ain't no dummy and don't open attachments from people I don't know.

Put on some new winter rubber on my car(same as my wife's that I put on a couple weeks ago. See "The Wheels Have Finally Come Off" post). Man what a diiference driving to work Friday morning after that frigid Thursday night(-23 with the windchill...BRRRRRR) I had tons of grip where I knew I would have been sliding with the all seasons. Definetly worth the money and effort for dedicated winter tires!

Tonight is our annual friends Christmas party/dinner. I think we're going on 6-7 years with this annual tradition. We have a pretty large friend group(about 40 -50 people). With marriages, children/births and the general day to day stuff going on in everyone's lives, we don't hang out anymore like we used to in our single/childless days, and this is the one time a year we can all get together and have good time. These are people that are a second family to me, so it's nice to still have this tradition still going strong.

I 've been rehearsing with my band, still trying to nail down a set list. We've got a new lead singer now possibly, who sounds pretty good. We tried out The Verve's "Lucky Man" with me singing the harmony/background at the end of the song and sounded pretty damn good!! Now I remember stating we were gonna be a blues/r&b/rock band but things are still settling as to what songs everyone want to do.

Well I guess that's it for now. 'Till the next post!

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