Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm Handier Than I Realize!

Yesterday, I get home from work and go to continue the laundry I started Sunday. I open the washer, and find everything still sopping wet!! What happened to the spin cycle? So I set to spin and here this horrible noise. My heart sinks! This machine is just over a year old!! I thought these front loaders were more reliable! Then I realize that the water will not drain. Pissed off, and slightly panicked, I call a repair guy and set up an appointment for Friday. I'm going through my head the inconvenience of possibly bringing laundry to my parents or in-laws house just to get some clean clothes. I'm also right pissed at the money I'm going to have to spend!! After a shower and some thought, I figure, what have I got to lose by opening it up my self and see if I can figure out what is going on.(Some of you out there who know me are probably worried at this point...hell so was I!!) I try it again and I can hear that it's the pump that emptys the water from the tank. Sounds like something is caught. So I grab the the rubber piping leading to the pump and feel around. Something is in there. Feels like a paper clip or something. I'm pretty good about emptying all pockets before washing. So I get some courage, and tools, and start to take it apart at the pump. Don't worry. I do remember that water and electricity don't get along very well(or maybe too well, that's the problem!) and unplug the washer as well as the clip to the pump(can't be too safe). Lo and behold there is the culprit which is catching the pump. An underwire, you know from a bra. Needless to say, I re-assemble everything and it's working fine, cancel the repair call and from here on in check her bras carefully for loose wires(Hopefully while she's wearing them!!). Whewww! Saved some money and learned I can fix stuff. Who knew!!

After all that, it was time to go see Bad Religion in Toronto. I got there just to catch the end of Anti-Flag's set. These guys are a great melodic. protest punk band. Very political and culturaly aware. Bad Religion as usual put on a great show, dipping into a nice selection of their older stuff, which the crowd really appreciated. Too bad they didn't play the title track of their current CD, The Empire Strikes First! Amazing song!!


Anonymous said...

It's not fun if you don't get shocked at least once my friend.


Moniz said...

Pardon me if I choose to just take your word for it.LOL!!