Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Election! Make Your Voice Heard!!

Well the government has fallen. Time to decide which yahoo we should send to Ottawa to screw...I mean represent us. Now to those who say that's exactly why they don't vote, I say that's a cop out!!! And it's exactly why the system is so flawed. If only half(if we're lucky!) of the nation votes, and doesn't really pay attention, then no wonder they can get away with screwing us(Gomery anyone!)!! We let them!! There is a saying, "People get the goverments they deserve". Well I believe we deserve more!

Now I'm not going to tell you who to vote for. That is for every person to decide for themselves. Get informed about the party platforms and decide which one resonates with you the most. Think of your candidate and how they may represent you and your riding. Sometimes the party stands for what you believe but the candidate running for that party leaves you cold. Or vice versa. Hell even if you vote for the person at the bottom of the ballot, who you even haven't got a clue who they are, the point is you exercised your right to vote and by extention the right to bitch about whatever party is in power. If you don't vote, then I don't want to hear you complain about taxes, immigration, the economy, or whatever else because you didn't pay your 2 cents by voting. People in other parts the world spill blood for the privelege to choose their own goverment, and we just piss it away.

Now I realize this is going to be an election about who Canadians hate/fear the least, but let's not kid ourselves. When the opposition keeps hammering the Liberals about corruption, it is pretty funny. Because we all know they would have been sooo much more honest. Please!! Now don't mis-understand me as defending the Liberals and their scandals, just keep in persecptive where the critisism is coming from. Sometimes change for change sake is not a good thing.

I'll get my bias right out of the way. I don't trust the Conservatives or Stephen Harper one bit! Does that mean I trust the Liberals? Not a chance in hell, but for me the question is who do I trust less? With stuff like this, the Conservatives show why most Canadians are still wary of them and are not ready to give them a chance. No American style healthcare or government for me, thanks.

Anyway, enough rambling. Just please get out there and vote for someone. I don't care if you x out the entire ballot as a protest(they are counted by the way and if there is more of them than candidate votes, then these candidates know they obviously are not offering what the people want), just get out there and VOTE! If not for your self, then for them memory of our fallen soliders and veterens who fought to keep the privelege of living in a free country where we the people choose who governs us and not some dictator!


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Updates and Musings

Hello folks! A whole lotta of nothing going on so that's why I haven't updated in awhile. Just didn't want to bore everyone with a bunch of insignificant stuff, but if some of you are interested, here we go.

I had to change my private personal email this past week after getting hammered with so much spam email. (The Gmail address attached to this blog is still the same, this was my ISP email account, that those of you who know me already received an email updating the change) It was that stupid email worm that claims it's the CIA and they have found illegal stuff on my computer. I woke one morning and had 19 emails!! Thankfully since I have a Mac it wouldn't have affected me anyway,(the worm was designed for Windows and also would not have affected Linux machines) but I ain't no dummy and don't open attachments from people I don't know.

Put on some new winter rubber on my car(same as my wife's that I put on a couple weeks ago. See "The Wheels Have Finally Come Off" post). Man what a diiference driving to work Friday morning after that frigid Thursday night(-23 with the windchill...BRRRRRR) I had tons of grip where I knew I would have been sliding with the all seasons. Definetly worth the money and effort for dedicated winter tires!

Tonight is our annual friends Christmas party/dinner. I think we're going on 6-7 years with this annual tradition. We have a pretty large friend group(about 40 -50 people). With marriages, children/births and the general day to day stuff going on in everyone's lives, we don't hang out anymore like we used to in our single/childless days, and this is the one time a year we can all get together and have good time. These are people that are a second family to me, so it's nice to still have this tradition still going strong.

I 've been rehearsing with my band, still trying to nail down a set list. We've got a new lead singer now possibly, who sounds pretty good. We tried out The Verve's "Lucky Man" with me singing the harmony/background at the end of the song and sounded pretty damn good!! Now I remember stating we were gonna be a blues/r&b/rock band but things are still settling as to what songs everyone want to do.

Well I guess that's it for now. 'Till the next post!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm Handier Than I Realize!

Yesterday, I get home from work and go to continue the laundry I started Sunday. I open the washer, and find everything still sopping wet!! What happened to the spin cycle? So I set to spin and here this horrible noise. My heart sinks! This machine is just over a year old!! I thought these front loaders were more reliable! Then I realize that the water will not drain. Pissed off, and slightly panicked, I call a repair guy and set up an appointment for Friday. I'm going through my head the inconvenience of possibly bringing laundry to my parents or in-laws house just to get some clean clothes. I'm also right pissed at the money I'm going to have to spend!! After a shower and some thought, I figure, what have I got to lose by opening it up my self and see if I can figure out what is going on.(Some of you out there who know me are probably worried at this point...hell so was I!!) I try it again and I can hear that it's the pump that emptys the water from the tank. Sounds like something is caught. So I grab the the rubber piping leading to the pump and feel around. Something is in there. Feels like a paper clip or something. I'm pretty good about emptying all pockets before washing. So I get some courage, and tools, and start to take it apart at the pump. Don't worry. I do remember that water and electricity don't get along very well(or maybe too well, that's the problem!) and unplug the washer as well as the clip to the pump(can't be too safe). Lo and behold there is the culprit which is catching the pump. An underwire, you know from a bra. Needless to say, I re-assemble everything and it's working fine, cancel the repair call and from here on in check her bras carefully for loose wires(Hopefully while she's wearing them!!). Whewww! Saved some money and learned I can fix stuff. Who knew!!

After all that, it was time to go see Bad Religion in Toronto. I got there just to catch the end of Anti-Flag's set. These guys are a great melodic. protest punk band. Very political and culturaly aware. Bad Religion as usual put on a great show, dipping into a nice selection of their older stuff, which the crowd really appreciated. Too bad they didn't play the title track of their current CD, The Empire Strikes First! Amazing song!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Signs of Geting Older (Sad)

Just opened today's paper and saw an old school aquaintence had died. 31 years old, same age as me. My friends and I know most of his family, I'm sure they, as I do, feel for them now. I'd heard he had been in some recent trouble with the law and was involved with some not so nice people. I'd like to believe his recent rough and tumble lifestyle(again based on rumour) did not lead to his death. That's too high a price to pay for one's mistakes. My condolences and my thoughts go out to his family.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Wheels Have Finally Come Off!

No, sorry folks I haven't lost my mind yet (though my married friends tell me to give it time). No, I just finally took off my summer tires and put on the winters. I already put the wife's on last weekend (brand new ice/snow tires, her safety before mine! When did she take that life policy on me?) My usual winter car ritual. Yeah it is a pain in the ass, but there is a big difference between dedicated winter tires and all seasons.

Someone busted my passenger side corner light housing, so I drove home from work last Friday with it dangling on the highway drive home, unaware to me. So off to the wreckers to find a replacement. The good thing about an older car is there is usualy lots of old used parts in decent condition. Hey, when the car is paid for, free and clear, it's worth keeping it in good condition. I love cars, I just hate buying them. That's why I "baby" them, as some would say. I drive them 'till they die...or get far to expensive to maintain.(hasn't happened yet. Compare annual maintenence cost vs. car payment, I'm still ahead. And no I will not lease!!)

I'm going to see Bad Religion in T.O. next Tuesday. Should be a good show, real high energy as always.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sick, a.k.a. Feeling Crappy

The wife and I are both fighting a cold or something. We both have swollen glands in our neck, so our throats are pretty raw. I can barely speak, my throat is so rough. Our bodies ache so bad, we feel like bags of s... . She stayed home but I went in for couple hours to work. Being paid hourly is a hell of a motivator! Infecting people at work is just a bonus!(kidding!) The wife is salary so she has sick days to use. Oh the luxury!

Of course it sucks to be sick when we're having a warm November. I haven't even put on my winter tires yet. But alas, all good things will come to an end.