Monday, September 19, 2005

The Weekend

A pretty busy weekend for me. Friday was babysitting my niece and nephew while my sister-in-law and husband went to see U2. Saturday puttered around the house and went to see Hugh Dillon(former Headstones front man) and his band The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir. Excellent straight up rock show at The Underground. No matter how good a stadium/arena show is, nothing beats seeing a band at a small club. Sunday all day out for my niece's birthday party. I can't wait for a weekend to do absolutely nothing! Probably not 'till after the wedding.

Pictures of the new Honda Civic are out! The Si looks sweet! It don't look nothing like the previous version. My next car?


Anonymous said...

does ur sister-in-law normally go out with your husband and how do you feel about that?

Moniz said...

I'm actually quite ok with it. Gotta keep it in the family. Hardy har har!!