Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Response

This is my response to Anonymous in the comments section the Dear Anonymous post. Yes I'm opiniated. And I thank the stars above that this great, but not perfect, country that my parents chose to start their new life allows me that freedom, with out fear the government will censor me...or worse. My mother said it best. While she still adores and cherishes Sao Miguel, she has been in Canada longer than the was "home" back in Sao Miguel. This is why she got her citizenship because Canada is her home now, and she is as proud of it as her native homeland. As I said, here is what I posted in response to anonymous' previous comment about being an American in the comments section:


How do you figure? Because I refuse to let my heritage dictate who I am, that makes me a candidate to be an American? Listen, I have my Portugal national team soccer jersey, because I am proud of where my parents came from. But how many of you out there have a Canadian one? Not many, if any! I do because this is the country of my birth so it is MY homeland. That's the problem with too many first generation Canadians(from all backgrounds), they are so busy being proud of their heritage they forget what country is their home!

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