Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Survived

My buddies threw my stag Friday night and I lived to tell!! Mind you I'm a cheap date, so 4 beers and one shot did me in pretty good. Sorry if I offended anyone by refusing any drinks but anymore and I would not have been well(some say that's the point!). I didn't want to become the miserable drunk or end up in emergency, knowing my low alcohol tolerance. To all who attended, bought raffle tickets, or who didn't attend and bought a ticket anyway, thank you for your support.

I also found out who anonymous was. Thanks Luis for getting me! I guess I'm that easy to set off on a rant! LOL!!

Also anyone who would like a Gmail web mail account(1GB storage for free!) email me for an invite. Google is not allowing anyone to sign up, they have to be invited, and I have 98 to give away. If interested just drop me a line

"Till next time.

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