Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Home Stretch

Tomorrow (Monday) starts the home stretch towards my wedding. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous. Whether you believe me or not, I am not nervous in the least bit. I love my bride and have no reservations about my choice of the person I plan to grow old with. As I have told anyone who has asked, I'm not nervous about saying I do, it's paying for it! Big weddings are a stress. I will admit my beautiful bride has done pretty much everything(along with her sister-thanks Paula!)and I haven't done too much. But just watching what she has done has stressed me out. I realize I may be miserable this week and my bride is prepared to keep me in line. To those of you reading this and who will be attending, hope you have a good time and realize the dreamy look on my face will be a result of arriving at the end of this road and my anticipation of a week in the Mayan Riveria! Woooohoooo!!!!!!

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patrick said...

How about us poor unfortunates who: a) have to HEAR about all the details your lovely bride has attended to, and b) also have to hear how much help YOU'VE been.

You don't get to be miserable this week, Dude. You're a lucky man.