Tuesday, August 30, 2005

On My Way

Got my replacement birth certificate today so I can now get my passport. We're leaving Oct 2 and it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get another one! Luckily if you can prove need they will expidite in Ontario, thankfully! Man what a panic attack I had when I lost it! Can't wait until our honeymoon! Relaxing in a 5 star resort for a week after our big wedding. Still I wish we had just gone down and got married in Mexico and skip all the big wedding stuff. Anyone who really knows me, I like things simple.


Anonymous said...

I always sat back and thought 'one day he is going to eat every little word that ever came out of his mouth about "big weddings" I am definitely going to enjoying every single moment of seeing you as the groom of your version of 'My big fat Port/Yugo wedding' How sweet it is!!!

Roger said...

EVERYBODY has eaten crow (and I don't mean Croation) now and then, even you "ANONYMOUS" or you wouldn't hide behind anonymous, And when you did I'm sure everyone enjoyed every little bit of it!