Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Also, An Explanation

My blog is called The Room Above The Garage because my office/studio/playroom/(adopt hunchback tone) sanctuary, is... you guessed it...above the garage in my house.

Also check out the links on the side to Garageband which is an independent music site for musicians to upload their own music to. Tons of free mp3's there and some really killer tunes you'll probably never hear on the radio in ALL genres. I will be uploading some of my songs which I've been recording at home to that site sometime after the wedding.

Also 2 really good blogs. One by Matthew Good who is super politically aware and quite insightful (at least I think so) and the other by Bob Mould, one of my favourite songwriters.


Just Another Day

I was downtown getting my passport paperwork in when I stopped in at the bookstore in the mall. They had the Gene Simmons book "Sex Money Kiss" in hardcover for $6.99!! After having read Kiss and Make-Up, and really enjoying it, I figure at that price I'd be a fool not to pick it up. In true Gene fashion it's straight to the point, honest, and downright hilarious.He pulls no punches and states the truth of the matter, even if it isn't pretty or politicaly correct. Even if you don't agree with his point of view on sex, money, and Kiss, you can never say the guy is not honest. He's always after more of everything and is unashamed about it. Hell, at that price, go and pick it up for a "different" take on the world.

Other than that, just another day of work and home... not that's a bad thing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

On My Way

Got my replacement birth certificate today so I can now get my passport. We're leaving Oct 2 and it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get another one! Luckily if you can prove need they will expidite in Ontario, thankfully! Man what a panic attack I had when I lost it! Can't wait until our honeymoon! Relaxing in a 5 star resort for a week after our big wedding. Still I wish we had just gone down and got married in Mexico and skip all the big wedding stuff. Anyone who really knows me, I like things simple.

Be Gentle, I've Never Done This Before

So this is my blog. Hopefully I can really make use of this to share my thoughts with anyone who cares. I'll probably cover anything from music, to politics, to computers or whatever else comes up. We'll see how this goes. Comments are always welcome!